Some of these links may be out of date. The latest links will be posted in the forum's link section.

Exclusive Jimmy Kimmel Sites

A new JK page by Emmy.  Bio, show info, FOK, links, etc.

Jimmy Kimmel LiveJournal
A source for future Kimmel appearances & news.

A JK fan site run by Jenny.

Heather’s Jimmy Kimmel Page
Heather has one of the first (if not THE first) Jimmy pages on the net dedicated exclusively to Jimmy Kimmel. It's sort of defunct now.

A forum for discussing Jimmy Kimmel Live.  I dumped my forum to support theirs.

Egroups Mailing List
Join the Jimmy Kimmel mailing list, or just visit to read people's posts.

Paul's Jimmy Kimmel Site
My JK page. You’re on it now.

ABC's Official Jimmy Kimmel Live site
Their forums are active, but have a lousy format.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: The Fan Site
A fairly new site.


Miscellaneous Jimmy-Related Sites

Man-to-Man Beer Talk
An interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

Steppin Out Magazine
An informative interview with Jimmy Kimmel from August 2003.

On November 13th Fark.com photoshopped Jimmy for his birthday

Jimmy Kimmel interview (not safe for work)

Will Saddam SCUD Jimmy?
An article about the show premiering in pre-war times.

I Tried Sex and Didn't Like It
If it's in the Star, it must be true.

Win Ben Stein's Money Episode Guide
Jen's site. The name says it all.

Untitled Kimmel-Carolla Comedy
A movie script? It's 13th from the bottom.

Jay's Win Ben Stein's Money Site
Has a small Jimmy bio.

Giant Scrode?
Uh... some post about Jimmy dressed as a giant ostrich nutsack.

E! Online
An Interview with Adam and Jimmy.

HGTV visits Jimmy's house.

My Odd Night With Jimmy Kimmel...
Odd little article. The guy mistakes Jimmy Fallon for Jimmy Kimmel.

Jimmy is interviewed by Dr. Drew online. You can watch it all via streaming video.

Stiller Roast
Comedy Central's video clip of the Jerry Stiller Roast.

Who Is Funnier?
Vote for Ben Stein or Jimmy Kimmel.

Jimmy Kimmel Web Chat Transcripts
Comedy Central chat.

Jimmy Kimmel Web Chat Transcripts
Another site with the same transcripts.

Jimmy Kimmel Web Chat Transcripts
Same as above two, only different web host.

The radio station which opened the doors to his television work.

Not much on Jimmy, but great for Ben Stein fans.

Be A Man
A female writer gives her perspective on The Man Show. (Surprisingly positive)

Man Show Babe's Man Show
A fan page for the Man Show.

A Juggy has her own web site.

This is what the banner to Bensfan.com looked like before the site died.
The site can still be reached via Geocities.


Official Web Pages

Comedy Central
Visit their Win Ben Stein’s Money page.

The Man Show
Comedy Central’s official Man Show page.

The Man Show Online
Visit The Man Show’s own site.

ABC's Official Jimmy Kimmel Live site
Their forums are active, but have a lousy format.

Dead Links (sites that are either dead or have moved)

J. Kaeori’s Jimmy Kimmel Page - (http://www.lymax.com/kaeori/wbsm/index.htm)
One of the first JK pages. Now it's either gone or moved.

Jimmy Kimmel The Frog - (http://www.tetranet.net/~taylor/bradley/jimmy/jimmy.htm)
My favorite Jimmy site.  I'll miss it.

Bensfan.com - (http://www.bensfan.com)
It was the biggest/best Ben Stein Fan Site.  The owner was even flown to Hollywood a few times to meet with Ben Stein.  Then they had a falling out. (Site still here)

Keylay’s Man Show Page - (http://members.xoom.com/Keylay99/man.html)
Was an OK site. Not a lot of material.  No big loss.

Mensuck.org's Man Show Page - (http://www.mensuck.org/main/misc/manshow/index.shtml)
Another dead site dedicated to The Man Show.

My Lycos Jimmy Kimmel Shrine - (http://homepages.lycos.com/pennwise9999/lycelebrity/index.html)
It was lame, so I let it slide. I tried to put it back up but the Lycos server gave me errors.

Autumn’s Ben Stein and Jimmy Kimmel Page - (http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Studios/9573/benstein.html)
Gone or moved.

Jimmy Kimmel Can Suck My Teat - (http://www.angelfire.com/pa/habby/emily25.html)
A pissed off fat woman’s perspective.

The Unofficial Man Show Page - (http://altern.org/manshow)
They wrote me, as a solemn promise we will always be better than manshow.com or comdeycentrals man show site. That’s our promise. They were true to their word... for a very very short while. Now the site is M.I.A.


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