Upgrading your forum

Thank you for deciding to upgrade to SMF. Before you get started, please remember that there is a place for help at www.simplemachines.org if you run into any problems at all.

You can find the following information in this file:

What's required to run SMF?

Your server must meet a few requirements to be able to run SMF. If you unsure as to whether your webserver meets these, please try to upgrade anyway - it should detect any problems.
Recommendations for best performance:
If your server does not meet these requirements, SMF may not work properly.

Uploading the files

Before uploading anything, make sure to make a backup of what's there. Some administration panels allow you to download a backup of everything, and if yours does this would be highly recommendable. It's best to backup both the MySQL database and the files. Additionally, if you are using any languages other than English please make sure to upload their versions as well to the same directory you uploaded everything else to.

After that, you need to do is upload all of the files in this package, excluding this file itself, to your server. You should upload it to the same directory as your previous installation of SMF or YaBB SE. If you are given the option to "resume" uploads, make sure you do not do that - you must upload all of the files. You may wish to make sure that all of the files were uploaded, such as those in Themes/default/languages, because some FTP clients have been known to drop files.

After you have finished uploading the files, point your browser to http://www.yourdomain.tld/forum/upgrade.php - where www.yourdomain.tld/forum is the URL to where you uploaded it. You should then see a page asking you for a few bits of information.

In most cases, you'll want to have "Put the forum into maintenance mode during upgrade." checked, because it will ensure that nothing is messed with while the upgrader is working. You may also wish to check "Backup tables in your database...", which will make a backup of your old information and tables before making any changes in the database. This is strongly recommended if you haven't already made a different backup.

Finishing everything up

From this point, the upgrader should walk you through everything. It may take some time if you are upgrading from YaBB SE, but it shouldn't be too long.

Please remember to delete upgrade.php after finishing the installation. If you do not delete it, it is possible that someone could compromise the security of your forum with it.

Good luck!
Simple Machines